In the Summer of 2000: (ten gerbils, 3 tanks)
Tank #1 houses Blossom. She gets a nightly visit from Silver Bullet - no mating yet,
Tank #2 houses Cara and her older daughter Megan (litter #1) and younger daughters Promise and Janie (litter #2). When they grow up we may have to separate the girls into pairs since we've heard that girl gerbils can be quarrelsome in groups of more than two.
Tank #3 is a colorful boy tank from five states - from Evon of PineyHills, Rebecca Albritten, and Jessi's Dragon Clan, who sadly had to break up her clan, a pet store in Mass, and one bred in NH. The boys are King Alan (black or slate), his son Alec (pied agouti), Silver Bullet (silver nutmeg spot), Rocket Man (colorpoint slate), and Tequila Ray (argente cream). boy tank 2001
January 2001: (17 gerbils, 5 tanks)
Tank #1 Blossom and five pups; Tank #2 The girls: Cara, Megan, Janie; Tank #3 The boys: Alan, Alec, Rocket, Tequila; Tank #4 Breeding pair Promise and Bullet; Tank #5 Newlyweds Peaches (daughter of Promise x Bullet) &Tres (son of Blossom x Bullet)
Below is a time ordered account of how the ABC gerbil clan has grown and changed.
December 26,  1999:  (two gerbils, 1 tank)
We came home from the petstore  today with two beautiful little girls.  Cara (shown on the home page) who is brown (agouti) with white markings and Blossom - on the ABC Gerbils apple logo who is brindled orange, brown and black (nutmeg). 
January 2002: (24 gerbils, 11 tanks, two gerbil rooms)
Our little gerbil clan has really grown in the past year...  with many new additions, including two schimmel girls (orange-tailed white) from the famous Dani Clan.
Gerbil Room #1 (the just pets):
Blossom and daughters Tiger & Lilly;  Cara and daughters Megan & Janie;  Alan and Alec;  Rescue Gerbil DQ Fatts;  Promise and Rocket retired breeders.
Gerbil Room #2 (the breeders): Orange Spritz and Los Fabio;  Peaches and Tres; Glitter;  Snowman and Midnight Streak.  And our newest addition a Cara look-alike named Nevada Cream, a seven week old irresistible petstore sweetie.
Boy Tank - 2002 -Swirly, Cappacino, Skittles, Pumpkin Pie, and Glisten
August 2002: (20 - Consolidated to one gerbil hobby room)
Midnight Streak and Snowman are having an amazing variety of colors in their litters.  Peaches is approaching two years old and may have had her last litter (of one). Sadly we lost Cara this year, the "C" of ABC gerbils; she was two and a half.  We are now breeding schimmels (orange tailed white)! Wolfe and Fox both carry ef from the Dani Clan Line.  Alan, Blossom, Alec, Promise, Rocket, and the rest are well.
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