Last Updated: April 16, 2005
My Gerbils
My Gerbils
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Thanks to the American Gerbil Society for the clip art on this page
Swirly (3+)  and Hope (18 mo) produce beautiful pied and EXTREME mottled black and burmese pups; they are the world's greatest gerbil parents
JUST PETS: Uno and Stac are over 3 now, Stac is cb, ef and changed from nutmeg to gold with age.
ABC Gerbils in 2003
BNB and Jazz (9 months) have gorgeous Ee siamese and burmese pups without any white on the chin or paws; they are striking
Ch. Gary's Awesome (2) and OCS (4 mo) have Extreme mottled black, agouti, lilac, argente pups
Lila has beautiful Ee lilacs with no white on the chin
Gai (from PKK) and Furry are both 2 1/2 and retired breeders living out their golden years happily together
Sprinkles (NY Gerbs),  Tommy (from Furry x Sorka both 1st place show gerbils), and Milky Way a huge boy from Hope x Swirly
Buzz (from Awesome) is a proven dad with good recessives  Dragon Fly, a honey cream is a pup bred byFurry Flowers
Baby (Hope x Swirly) and Ronzoni (from Awesome) are big, gentle boys with nice thick tails, too
Jumper and Tang bred by Furry Flowers and  Birch (a siamese from Jazz and BNB)
These young males & females are likely to be ABC's next generation