Former Breeding Pairs
Former Breeding Pairs
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Breeding Pair: Passed away spring 2004
Midnight Streak: Black - aaCcbEeGgPpspsp
Skittles: Honey Cream - AaCcbEeGgPpSpsp
Midnight is a smart, confident, athletic girl - she can leap effortlessly from the floor of the tank up over the side.  She was specially breed to carry all the recessive genes and then matched up with Skittles (also "specially engineered" for color variety) to bring out the recessives and produce many, many colors.  She has big litters of pups (6-7).  Skittles is a big, confident, mellow, sweet boy.  The final litter was one spotted burmese pup that still lives with them..
Breeding Pair: produes rare schimmel (orange tailed white), champagne, dark eyed honey, honey cream, nutmeg
Fox: Dark Eyed Honey - A*C*eefGgP*spsp
Wolfe: Spotted Nutmeg - aaCbeefG*P*Spsp
They had a first litter of six and fostered a pup successfully.  Wonderful first time parents. Fox is a brilliant DEH due to the ef gene.  Wolfe is a beautiful nutmeg, lightened due to the cb and ef effect.  They share the same mother, a schimmel named Orange Spritz, from the Dani clan. 
Breeding Pair: Retired and living in a coconut -- Passed away winter and summer 2004
Mom Peaches 'n Cream: Lightened Dark Eyed Honey Spot - AaCcheeGgP*Spsp
Dad Tres: Spotted Nutmeg - aaCcbeeGgPPSpsp
These two have been together since Tres was 3 months and Peaches 8 weeks.  They sold their pups for me by scrabbling up my arm with a line of pups following.  Peaches is still having infrequent, very small litters of one or two, but cannot successfully nurse.  So these final pups are being fostered.  Peaches turned two on Nov. 7, 2002.
Breeding Pair: Passed away summer 2003 - at 3 and 3 1/2; we miss this gentle and special pair.
Mom Promise: Light Colorpoint Agouti - AachcbEeGGPpSpsp
Dad Rocket Man: Colorpoint Slate - aacbcbEEggPpSpsp
Promise is the daughter of Cara, the "C" of ABC gerbils.  She is well beyond breeding age.  Rocket was born in Texas and brought both the graying "g" gene and the "cb" colorpoint gene to ABC Gerbils.  These two are super sweet.  Rocket likes to cuddle in your shirt pretending to nap, but really chewing a hole in the material.  They had only a few litters together as Promise was a good mother, but not a strong breeder.  They are enjoying their golden years together and are a gentle, well matched devoted pair. 
Midnight (and Skittles)                     Fox&Wolfe                   Peaches&Tres                Promise&Rocket
This generation (shown below) of wonderful, beautiful, attentive gerbil parents are now retired...some have passed.   The current breeding pairs are descended from these lines with gerbils added from Kentucky & NYC introduced for extreme mottling (heavy spotting).