Breeding Pairs
Breeding Pairs
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We are breeding for temperment first - super people friendly, gerbil-gentle, confident, outgoing animals.  We are also breeding for extreme mottled (symetrical spotting over more than 75% of the body) in black and burmese and are introducing some new colors.  We are breeding a line of  siamese and burmese (chocolate siamese).  And will start breeding for schimmel (orange tailed white) in the fall.
Swirly and Hope produce black and burmese (chocolate siamese) pups in all varieties of spotting from classic head spot to extreme mottled (a dalmation look).  All pups are cb.
Swirly: aaCcbEeGgPpSpsp - 2 1/2 years old
Hope: aacbcbEEGgPPSpsp - 8 months old
Sara (Burmese) and Whisper (pied Siamese) are newly matched up and awaiting a first litter.  They will produce Siamese, Burmese, and maybe CP Slate, and CP Nutmeg.  Below is a litter from Sara x Furry (another pied Siamese male)
Abby is a golden agouti that carries every recessive AaCcbEeGgPp.  She can produce any color gerbil.  Her new mate is Awesome - the first American Champion Gerbil.  He is hiding their first litter of four under his belly.  Both are 2 years old.
Awesome and Abby
Coming this fall... a new line of schimmels (orange tailed white).  And hopefully a better picture of this striking color!
See former breeding pairs - the parents and grandparents of most of these gerbils