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Photos - Page 6
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3 Schimmels (left)

Schimmel: **C*efefG*P*spsp
A schimmel starts out orange and the body fur molts into white leaving orange "points" - tail, nose, ear, feet.
Champagne has silver points.
Molting Schimmel (right)
(with moliting ef Silver Nutmeg)
Schimmel after first molt
Pre-molt Schimmel (left) vs. Nutmeg (right)  - note that the schimmel has a white undercoat and the nutmeg has a black under coat
Schimmel, Spotted Polar Fox, Schimmel, Schimmel
Schimmel pup, lightened by cb gene
Pre-molt Champane (left) and Schimmel
Schimmel pup at three and five weeks