Photos - Page 3
Photos - Page 3
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Nutmegs... Light Colorpoint nutmeg (top row)
(Row 2) Spotted CP Nutmeg, Silver Nutmeg (molting), Spotted Nutmeg & LCP Nutmeg (premolt), Nutmeg (molting)
(Row 3) Spotted Silver Nutmeg (fuzz), Nutmeg (molting), Colorpoint Nutmeg and Nutmeg (dark)
Silver Nutmeg (top) versus gray agoutis (left) and doves (right)

Nutmeg: aaC*eeG*ppspsp
CP Nutmeg: cbcb
Light CP Nutmeg:  chcb
Silver Nutmeg: gg
Spotted: Spsp
Color Quiz:  I found this little seven week old pup in mid molt in a Pet Store to my great surprise.  Is he Colorpoint Nutmeg (cbcbee)? or Silver Nutmeg (eegg)? and why?
for the answer.