New Photos
July 2007
New Photos
July 2007
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Reflection and Smooth gnaw tube while their "brothers" look on
Baby Opal,  Dark Patched Pied of Vixen x FF Nix
Champion Silver Belle from Raindrop x Gent
Buzz x Snow pup
Snow, Buzz and pup
Much thanks to Cindy Horan for mailing boxes of tubes and other cardboard gifts to ABC Gerbils!
The first CNC gerbils! Possum (mom) Rockabye, Superstar, Twizzer, Royal, and Poccahontus
Judi's and Emily's gerbils visited last fall - Chip, Louie, and Pistachio -- All three boys became champions!
Vixen and FF Nix - have extreme mottle, high white, and "tuxedo" pups
Oynx from Sliver x SB Raccoon
Dark Patched Pied - Opal
Possum from Raindrop x Gent
Princess from Snow x Buzz
Janice's "Possum faced" pup from Vixen x FF Nix
Puzzle, sister of Princess and Promise
Sliver from Raindrop x Gent - my least spotted, spotted gerbil!
Smooth (Buzz x Snow) and 1/2 white faced Reflection (Vixen and FF Nix)
Spot from Vixen x FF Nix, my most spotted, non spotted gerbil!
Spot and high white brother, Boom
ABC's Second Promise
A Sliver x SB Raccoon pup
Janice's non-spotted spsp pup w/ head spot from Vixen and FF Nix