The Bushy Tailed Jirds
Hannah visiting a gerbil tank
I'm still getting to know our new BTJ's from the BlackDiamond Wolf Clan. 

They have thick, chinchilla-soft fur. They are a bit larger than gerbils, yet lighter.  They have a narrow face and big eyes, ears, and whiskers.  They have a bushy chimpmunk-like tail.

They somehow seem less-domesticated than gerbils because they are quick, agile, and silent though they are just as friendly as our gerbils.

A twenty gallon
long tank seemed too cramped so we moved them to  20 gallon tall tank with ladder, ledges, and stacked bird nest boxes. 

The biggest difference between BTJ's and gerbils are that BTJ's are nocturnal; they sleep all day and get very active around 8 or 9pm.  They move quickly and climb and jump, more than run and tunnel.  They have short claws and do not gnaw much at all.  They are very curious and like to explore things like jewelry.  They seem less content to be in the tank than the gerbils and beg to come out by leaping up the side of the tank.  Or climbing up to the top ledge and looking cute.

I like to let them run loose around the room at least a few times a week. The run in and out of the tank using the screen cover as a ramp.  They will come up to us and crawl on us as they play.
Our BTJ's are named Hannah & Feather
A chinchilla dust bath keeps the fur looking soft and not greasy.
BTJ's have a narrower face and fuller back end than the gerbils.